Divide and fall apart

I'm Ashlee. California. Twentyyyy. Attempting at growing out my hair. I'm a full time student. Just trying to survive and live as much as I can. I live life. And I'm not ashamed of how I live it. Enjoy.

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- We wanted you to read for Crazy Eyes.
Cra…? I didn’t really connected with that character.

Uzo Aduba auditions for every single role in Orange is the New Black (x)

the ending of the video holy shit

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dj roomba is literally the greatest thing thats ever happened to me

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Everyday sayings turned into funny illustrations

Nabhan Abdullatif, a professional Oman-based graphic designer and illustrator, comes up with brilliant ways to express our most common everyday phrases and slang with cute minimalistic illustrations. See more at tumblr I instagram


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